Age of Myth

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The difference between so-called gods and simple humans vanishes in this opening of an epic battle by Michael J. Sullivan.

This first book from the series of “legends of the first empire” starts the downfall of the gods. And then the rise of the ordinary humans that accidentally come to know that that the gods who have been ruling on them for ages and consider themselves as immortal can be killed by a human blade.

And thus their rule can be overthrown within no time if someone possesses the courage to stand against the combined wrath of the gods. The Gods that possess some godly powers of their own as well.

The slaying of the gods one after the other surely hints towards the end of the era of the myths. Where gods with their magic used to control the destiny of humans.

However, the only problem that appears among the human is that they prove to be cowards most of them living under the oppression of these gigantic magical creatures they cannot imagine of overthrowing them.

And most of them have a question in their mind that what would they do if all the gods vanish from the face of the earth. People like Raithe fail to take their role as the god killer but one thing is for sure that the rebellion has started. It will gain more and more force as the time progresses.

Tim Gerard Reynolds voice in narration surely tempts us to listen to the next parts as well like Age of Swords and Age of Legend. The era is well portrayed and the imaginary creatures are well painted by the writer and surely it brings the old myths to life, before killing them forever.

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