An Author’s Odyssey

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Chris Colfer writes and narrates next episode in the series that quickly grips the mind of children and adult alike. This is the fifth part and so far the series has been like a smooth ride with a tickling effect. The Land of Stories and The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns were most appealing and keeping the same quality was tough ask for Chris.

Author has maintained everything till this part which takes us to the era after the end of the masked maniac. Alex was degraded a lot by the Council as it was not ready to believe anything. Now it is different, Alex and Conner have proved that they were right about the Masked Man and his hidden plans. Not only this, the two also devised a clever plan to fight against the armies of the villain. It was Conner who decided the best way to fight the Masked Man i.e in his own stories.

Conner starts creating short stories in his mind and then he is able to make others enter those stories including him. In these stories everything was created and arranged according to Conner’s plan thus the magical land got the upper hand in the war. With the efforts of Alex and Conner peace once again returns to the land and the land of stories start to trust the twins once again.

Finally the two start to emerge as the leaders or rulers of the land. They understand the magical potential of the land in a better way and use it more accurately than any other being present on it. There is a bright prospect that we might see the two being crowned in the next episodes.



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