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World of the enemy was being searched when we met Jack, Trip, and Mike in the sixth part and after much toil, they have finally reached the enemy zone. Not easy of course was the path to the enemy’s land. Hvergelmir was full of hardships and the obstacles were hard to pass, however, the authors provided this band of heroes with a bunch of good friends and allies. As the crew traveled in space they met the enemies of their enemy and thus they come to know that there are many in space with the same goal.

Together these newly formed allies started towards the homeworld of the enemy for a showdown. Mark Tufo and John O’Brien made things simple in the seventh part which gave the hint that perhaps this finale would be easy picking for the humans but it is not the case. Here when the humans reach the homeworld along with their allies to kick the enemy in the gut they strongly feel that they have made a mistake.

They thought they knew the enemy completely but they were wrong. Things are different in the enemy zone as the enemy has in its possession weapons of mass destruction which it never displayed in the open war before.

The story looks much like The Trembling Path here where the human world gets one surprise after the other from the enemy world. Sean Runnette does not try to hold back the enthusiastic energy of the battlefield. Sean even in tragic scenes in the last episode has narrated with vibrant energy to set the tone for the grand finish.

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    The Trembling Path


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