Brotherhood of Fire

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Brotherhood of Fire is the 2nd chapter of the successful Fire from the Sky novel series. It is written excellently by N. C. Reed. The novel is a post-apocalyptic, science fiction fantasy. The narration of this audio book is done by Lee Alan and he was appreciated for his powerful and soulful voice, which was suitable for a novel of this type, story and character.

By the most ludicrous of means, Clayton Sanders, the special operations soldier had a warning that something big is going to happen soon that will impact the whole world. Clayton Sanders in response prepared for the worst. But, just being well prepared for something doesn’t actually guarantee that everything will going to be OK. Clayton Sanders has already faced a lot worst that humanity has to offering every part of the world. But, this time, he is up against something that is even worse than the terrorists. His family was at stake.

Having returned back unwantedly, Clay Sanders prepared his own family the very best that he could. But things aren’t going as per the hope of Clay. His plan of sheltering his family in farm in the disastrous situation turned out to be a very poor choice in the end. He needed to adapt quickly to his backup plan now.

Odd Billy Todd and Fire from the Sky are other popular novels that N. C. Reed have written. They are also part of the Fire from the Sky fantasy novel series, but have their individual significance as a standalone novels as well. You will love these novels for their overall quality in writing and narration and that makes them must listen ones.






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