The Nineties



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    The Nineties is a nonfiction history book. It is written by Chuck Klosterman. He is an American essayist and author whose work is mainly based on popular American culture. I Wear the Black Hat is another good one from the author that you must try. Moreover, Eating the Dinosaur is another book with interesting stuff from the same author.

    The narration of the book is done by Dion Graham and Chuck Klosterman. It was a good vocal performance and the listeners will be satisfied and happy with it.

    It was quite long ago when the Berlin Wall fell and the twin towers collapsed. In between those two significant events, a presidential election was decided by Ross Perot and another by Ralph Nader. Every name and address, in the beginning, was given in a phone book, and the landlines were always answered as nobody knew who was calling. Exposing the address of someone was mostly taken as a kind of emotional violence. The era of the 1990s brought a great revolution that we are still fumbling to understand. Fortunately, Chuck has done a lot in this regard for his followers.

    The Nineties

    The author discussed a lot of significant things and events of the nineties. A few of those include the pre-9/11 politics, the rise of the internet, and also the paradoxical belief that nothing was supposed to be nothing more humiliating than just trying way too hard.

    The Nineties became an instant bestseller in New York Times. It is quite a wise, exciting, and funny reckoning with a complete decade that provided us all with slacker irony about the sins of trying extremely hard.

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