Changes-The Dresden Files

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Whenever it comes to friends and family there is an entirely different Harry on the scene that is more aggressive and is willing to do anything for the sake of those whom he loves. He was successful in saving his half brother and then his close friend but the regret was never gone of losing the love of his life.

Harry’s mind really got carried away at times in Dead Beat  and Grave Peril then he got hold of himself and started living with that hollow spot in his life. Susan was taken away from him by the vampires of the Red Court. The vampires took the humanity away from her and when the lust and blood thirst took over Susan ran away from Harry and humanity as far as possible.

She not only hid herself but also a secret in her body that was the most important one for Harry. She had in her Harry’s child and now that secret is out in the open, the queen of the Red Court knows all about it and is planning to cash it in the right way. Not money or the rules of the White Court are going to tame Harry who is ready to give the vampire world what they deserve.

A more serious looking main character is presented by Jim Butcher and those who were listening to the James Marsters all the time because of the comic factor in the story would be disappointed. Still the story is concrete and pure, raw emotions are depicted through a man who even himself never thought that he had those feelings buried inside him.




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