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Nick Spalding the man who became famous because of books like Mad Love and Fat Chance has finally written something that is different in a way that it describes the most tragic reality of life in a mode that is less teasing for the mind. The story is ironical in the sense that Nathan the man who is blessed with everything lacks the most important thing of all and that is the time to utilize all these luxuries of life. The clock of his life is ticking and he has nowhere to go except to watch it ticking in front of him and waiting for his death. All the success and achievements of life become a big zero for him; all his dreams of a future life are suddenly shattered. He tries to lose his worldly position as well by getting close to a bipolar donkey and other such stupid things.

The nightmares still follow though he is ready to give away all to death still the fear remains. The story becomes more tragic when he falls in love or finds true love in life when life does not allow him to do so. This is something that makes thing more miserable for him. Death becomes more painful when you are leaving someone behind in a relationship that will destroy her life as well. Alison the girl of Nathan’s dreams also fails to control the love at first sight despite knowing the tragic truth. The story in a light mode tells us the bitter realities of life and the nullification of all worldly desires at the end of life. Simon Mattacks narrates the story in simple light mode, it never becomes intense even in quite serious circumstances when we usually want to scream or shout.
The author has also written other interesting stories that you will surely enjoy including the Fat Chance, Bricking It and Love…From Both Sides.


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