A Caribbean Mystery


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Miss Marple goes from one place to the other and that’s how Agatha Christie takes the story forward. Christie is one of those story writers who paint a detailed scene in the beginning and once the listener is deeply involved in it then the author starts the mystery. Authors who start the main story at once often lose their grip on the mind of the audience. This happens because the listeners have not yet developed faith in the plot and the story.

So first of all try to convince the mind of the listeners that they are listening to a real story after which you can take the audience in any direction. The Body in the Library or A Murder Is Announced is great evidence for all of this. On this occasion, Marple is in the Caribbean and she is bored because she happens to be in a town where the action does not take place at all. Then in the voice of Emilia Fox, the action does appear in the story when an old soldier starts telling Marple about a murderer.

A Caribbean Mystery

The old soldier wanted to tell Marple all about that odd murderer whom that old soldier used to know in the past but he is interrupted permanently. The old soldier gets killed because of this he is not able to complete his tale. Marple becomes sure that the man is killed by the same murderer whom he wanted to expose.

Thus it becomes the story of two murders instead of one and the killer is the same which means that Marple has to solve the first case only and the second one will get solved on its own.


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