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Christine By Stephen King

Stephen King has written the novel Christine to help people quench their thirst for ongoing horror and thrilling events. This is a story of an old 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine. The car first belonged to an elderly named LeBay and was spotted by Arnold while standing at the back of LeBay’s house.

Dennis as a friend of Arnold stopped him not to buy this car as he spots some fishy signs about the car, but Arnold buys it and drags it to Darrell’s garage for repair. During the repair, Dennis notices that Arnold is getting much like Le Bay who is dead now and is developing a behavior and getup similar to LeBay. Dennis finds out how LeBay lost his family including his daughter and wife.

Soon everyone knows that Christine is occupied by the evil spirit probably who is trying to possess Arnold. Arnold’s girlfriend also started to feel the devil inside the car and soon parted with him while building a relationship with Dennis.

Christine By Stephen King

Christine turns out to be a devil possessed car that started killing anyone who comes in front it. In the process of destroying her, Arnold and his mother and other people whoever came in it is way were killed in car crash. The horror continues as Dennis learn Christine is still out there and is killing everyone left behind who has ever tried to destroy her. Dennis could be the last one.

This whole story is continuous terror and horrific for the listeners and no one would ever be able to stop listening to the wonderful narration by Holter Graham. The story resembles the devil creatures used in Carrie, Fire Starter, and Cujo.


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