A Deadly Shade of Gold


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    A Deadly Shade of Gold is the 5th chapter in the Travis McGee novel series. It is a product of John D. MacDonald who is a brilliant writer of our time. He is particularly known for his captivating crime mystery thriller novels which are dominated with awe-inspiring suspense throughout. This is also what this novel, A Deadly Shade of Gold is all about. A few other novels worthy of recommending to the fans of John D. MacDonald are:  Nightmare in Pink and The Deep Blue Good-By.

    Robert Petkoff seems to be the unanimous choice for the role of narrator in this series so far. It is a right choice as he managed to captivate the audience with his outstanding performance.

    A Deadly Shade of Gold

    The story starts with the gripping character of Travis McGee. When he picks up the phone and hears some weird voice coming from the past then he was in no position to help it. He had no choice other than to meddle. It was more so the case when he has got a chance to actually reunite the reckless Sam Taggart with the lady who is still waiting for him to return. Sam Taggart was a restless man just like Travis McGee. But that simple matchmaking plan soon turns into an extremely bloody chase and it takes McGee to the beautiful country of Mexico. It was a tough task ahead of him and he wish to return alive from there and with success too.

    The writing of the author is ultimate in its craft. It will keep you hooked to the plot right from the opening part until the suspense breaks right towards the end.

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