The Sum of All Fears


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    War disappears from the scene among the big guns but it never vanishes completely from the inside. Spies work under cover for their nation and against their rivals, the identities are kept hidden and their missions a secret. Tom Clancy has tested his man in different missions against the enemies foreign and local.

    John Ryan has not disappointed his boss up till now but a man cannot always get the perfect result. Failure is a chance but not an option for the first in rank ex-marine that rises in stature after ever mission. The Arabs in Middle East and the Jews hired mercenaries for their private goals and when the war was over the problems were solved the terrorists were not needed anymore. After remaining so much in the middle of war the band of terrorist know nothing about another way of earning livelihood.

    The Sum of All Fears

    Thus they start a campaign of their own against anyone and for anyone who bids for them. The band wants the world to go nuclear so that they can cash every opportunity that comes to them in the form of favors. Ryan has not confronted such people in any of the missions whether it was Clear and Present Danger or The Cardinal of the Kremlin.

    This is an entirely new domain in which he is appointed and the expectations are high like always. Ryan must defuse the war head in the enemy’s control or otherwise the world he knows would disappear forever. Scott Brick is back with the old qualitative style of his that has the power to make any book a hit material for the fans of all ages.

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