The Cardinal of the Kremlin

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The two super powers of the world are again on the brink of war and it is up to the agents to play their role before the things go out of hands. Secrets of the Russian government are at stake and the KGB will leave no stone un-turned to retrieve them. If the department fails to get back what belongs to them then it will try its best to at least save those secrets from getting into the rivals hands.

For this the KGB has to kill Cardinal, one of the best agents America ever had but the man is now on a run in order to save his life. The information is so important for America that they send another agent to rescue Cardinal.

And the department has no other choice but to call Jack Ryan for the job, the ex-Marine has all the skills and knows the area like the back alley of his house. It is not the first time he is working against the Russian we have seen his might in Red Rabbit and The Hunt for Red October against the Russian troops.

The mission should be kept as a secret too because a leak about the security breach can destroy everything that stands for the world’s peace. Tom Clancy has done it again, portrayed something really amazing and is continuing the drama between the United States and KGB.  The narration was a little upside down by Michael Prichard who takes time to get hold of things till the climax. The end however is in high pitch and with a little fancy style in the accent.

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