The Hunt for Red October

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Jack Ryan has been everywhere in the world during his missions and for the fulfillment of his duties but the only place he never wanted to be in was underwater. Ryan is in a submarine for the first time and the situation makes the things more difficult because the connection with the outside world is totally cut off.

The search is for another submarine that got lost in the sea, it is the “Red October” that has gone missing in the Atlantic. The submarine belongs to Russia and they want it back on every condition meanwhile the Americans too want to get hold of the submarine first. The submarine is any ordinary one it is the all time ultra secret weapon of Russia that America wants to know about.

The race is on and so is the search for the missing submarine that has the whole crew in it. Not much of action scenes by the hero that made him famous in Red Rabbit and this is because he is under water. He can think, he can struggle but the arm fight is not there a lot. The mystery, suspense and thrill can be found in plenty still and we cannot term it boring after all it is narrated by Lance C Fuller.

For those who wanted to see Ryan jumping here and there and moving from one city to another, firing bullets all the time this one is a teaser. The hero is in a cage underwater, he can act but not directly it is mostly depending on his wit rather than the strength of his muscles and quick body movement.

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