Dance of the Gods

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Dance of the Gods is the 2nd novel of the Circle Trilogy. It is a romantic fantasy novel and that is written by Nora Roberts. Dick Hill has given the narration of this novel, which turned out to be exceptional in terms of his voice quality, which is full of expression.

The story in this novel is about Blair Murphy, who is born and bred in a family of daemon hunters. She has her own set of daemons to fight. That included her own father, who trained her and later abandoned her as well. The other one was her fiancée who walked out of the relationship after knowing that what she actually is.

Later on, Blair Murphy founds herself training a sorcerer, who was from the 12th century Ireland. The sorcerer was a witch from the current day New York. She was also a shape changer, a scholar from the Geall, a mythical land. All that time, while trying to keep herself from gliding the 6th of their circle and host, who was a vampire sired by Lilith, the queen, which they actually have charged after Samhain defeat.

Blair, who was no stranger to butt kicking discovers herself taking a solid whipping, when it comes to the flirtatious and charming Larkin, from Geall. And a couple of runs with the right hand girl of Lilith gave her a lot more, both physically and mentally than she had expected.

Nora Roberts is an author of many popular novels and you will never get short of options, when going through the archives of the author. Dark Witch and Shadow Spell novels are recommended for the immense popularity and quality of writing and narration.





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