Dragon Rider

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Dragon Rider is a science fiction fantasy book for children. It is beautifully written by Cornelia Funke in her awe-inspiring writing style. Dragon Rider is part 1 of the Dragon Rider Series. The German author has done some marvelous works for children and in the science fiction fantasy category. If you are looking for more books by the author then do consider checking out Inkheart and Inkdeath. The audio versions of these recommended novels are so great with exceptional performances.

Brendan Fraser has narrated this Dragon Rider novel. The narrator did a fantastic job and needs to be appreciated for the performance given.


A young dragon named Firedrake receives a very frightening warning at night time. The warning was that humans are looking to destruct the valley where he used to live. All the dragons in such a situation must flee from there. The only refuge that they had at that time was a place right above the clouds in the sky. It was the Rim of Heaven, and weirdly, this place may not exist even.

Firedrake tried to lead the situation and boldly volunteered to go there first. As he sets off on his journey then he comes across Ben who is a runaway child. Both the by and the dragon together made their way leading to the Rim of Heaven. All this while, they were both running a step ahead of the monster named Nettlebrand. He had the reputation of not stopping at anything to hunt Firedrake.

Dragon Rider was the Audie Award finalist in 2005. It is a perfect book for children having an aged 8 years or above. The performance by Brendan Fraser is just like icing on the cake.

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