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Extracted, Book 2

After the extraction of the heroes in the first part comes their execution on the mission which if proves successful can save the whole human race otherwise there will be nothing left for the human race except facing the doomsday which we are told is quite near when the series started. R.R. Haywood as knitting his second part well with the first one.

We can take the first part as the prelude or the introduction section because the main mission really starts here in the second book. The narrator Carl Prekopp is again selected for the job which was the right thing to do as most of the listeners get associated with the voice of the narrator as well and it becomes as easy to listen and understand the continuation of any book in the same tone. The important aspect of this second part is that it is in this part the team is allotted a leader as well.

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Miri is given the job to lead the team which is sent on something impossible. The task becomes more complex in this second part as the team is not only running out of time but also another big trouble which they never prepared themselves for is the human race itself. The governments and the high officials instead of listening to them try to steal their time machine for their own goals.

Miri too is not totally trying to save the human as she has her own personal goals as well. The story ends in a big way when they find a second device as well which becomes a huge threat to their lives. The book has surely paved the way for the third chapter in which all the mysteries would be resolved.

If you have listened to the book 1 Extracted or interested in listening to the book3 i.e Extinct you can surely get an idea about author’s thoughts and conceptions and the way they have been depicted to reveal how life goes on for some reasons.





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