Five Feet Apart

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Rachael Lippincott is an American author and also the number-one New York Times bestselling author. She got this feat for the subject novel, Five Feet Apart. Five Feet Apart is a fictional novel for teen and young adult audiences.

Joy Osmanski and Corey Brill are the narrators of this novel. The performance was below average as they both struggled to maintain the individuality of the characters that they were playing in this audiobook.

Stella grant, the prime character of this novel likes to be in full control, despite her being completely out of control lungs. This made her go in and out of the hospital for a good part of her life. In this time, Stella needs to control the most is to have herself far away from anything or anyone who might just pass an infection and endanger the option of having a lung transplant. The rule is simple: Six Feet Apart. And, there is no exception at all.

The one thing that Will Newman wants to be in control is to get out of the hospital. He was in no position to care less about his treatment in the hospital or a going for a fancy new drug trial. He will be 18 soon and then he will be in a position to unplug all these medical machines and go see the world.

Five Feet Apart is a great story and it became the number one bestselling novel in the New York Times for a reason. The audience will have a nice heartwarming experience and the book has got the potential to become your all-time favorite fictional novel. The narration however could have been much better to suit with the characters of the novel




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