HALO: Smoke and Shadow

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Kelly Gay comes to the era after war where normal has been restored to the world on most places. War is non-existent and people are thinking about trade and business which can bring prosperity to the land. UNSC is going nowhere still and it has an eye on every sector under its jurisdiction but for a while there has been no breach which is odd for most people.

Rion Forge is one of the traders of the new era who possesses one of a kind ship for the purpose. She possesses a vibrant zeal to rise in the business world that’s why she does not stick to just one kind of trade. Getting risky consignments to their destination has become a part of her daily routine and she is not done yet with the profits.

This is all about Rion’s present that we listen from Scott Brick in the first two or three chapters, her past remains hidden in those chapters. Then a discovery of a destroyed ship shifts her mind to the past that she has been trying to burry for many years.

Findings about the spacecraft force her to look into the past incidents once again and this time she might be able to get some sort of clue about her missing father. Rion has spent years without her family and here she has been blessed with a ray of hope. Just like HALO: Renegades in scene description and background sounds but theme and plot are different. Tale has a domestic tragedy, thus the story is more about a single person rather than the colony or whole alien Covenant.



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