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Nicole Conway is a brilliant writer and there is hardly anything that she hasn’t tried in her science fiction fantasies that could please her audience. Her novels are mainly meant for a younger audience and this novel, Harbinger is no different. This book is chapter 2 of the Dragonrider Legacy and it was a highly anticipated novel after the success of its prequel. If you want to check out some more quality novels from Nicole Conway then you should consider listening to the audio version of Vicious Vows and Fledgling.

Jesse Einstein is always a safe choice as a narrator for such science fiction novels. He proved his worth once again by giving yet another sensational performance which the audience thoroughly adored.

Just as the Tibran Empire army continues to make progress across the Maldobar region, a path of charred devastation is all that remains. Even with Jenna Farrow, the princess leading the charge, the Dragonrider’s strength was quite alarming. The victory of Tibran Empire looked inevitable and this could be safely said after Prince Aubren and Princess Jenna were taken hostage by Lord Argonox. Princess Jenna after torture and separation from his brother completely refused to alter the will of Argonox. But, there was no idea that how long her resolve and strength would last. Setting her free would be nothing short of a miracle after being kept in the dark tower as a prisoner.

This novel is amazing and the audience after finishing this one is eagerly awaiting the next one in the series. It is quite tempting and many fans are seen or heard listening to this on a loop. Thanks to such a brilliant vocal performance by Jesse Einstein.

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