Harley Merlin 2-Mystery Twins

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The novel is intended for teens, but actually, it is apt for readers of all ages. This science fiction fantasy novel is quite tempting. It is the 2nd book of the famous Harley merlin Series. Bella Forrest is the author of this novel, who got critical acclaim for her writing. On the narration side, Amanda Ronconi has done an impressive job.

The story of the novel revolves around a murky past, a mysterious power and a very dangerous enemy.

Harley merlin is struggling big time with a number of unanswered questions. The top most question was about the motive of her father due to which he killed her mother. The other one was about the knowledge of her magical abilities true extent. And finally: How Wade is always so annoying?

After the violent incident of gargoyle, which left a number of people dead, Harley Merlin feared that what other evil tactics her aunt has with her. She firmly believes to do the best to protect them, when Harley discovered that all the magical foster children are in danger like her.

Finally, it comes to Tatyana and the ghost whisperer resident of Coven has some secrets of her own and is OK to make sacrifices.

The Harley Merlin series is quite long and fascinating. Each and every novel of the saga has its own unique story, which will inspire and please you for a long time. A couple of other recommended novels from the series are Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven and Harley Merlin 9: Harley Merlin and the Mortal Pact, which will ensure that you have a good time listening to their audio narrations.


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