Hunt of the Reaper

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Hunt of the Reaper is the ninth book in The Last Reaper novel series. It is a science fiction and fantasy novel which is written by J. N. Chaney and Scott Moon. If you are a fan of science fiction novels then The Last Reaper series has got loads of entertainment for you. You will be mesmerized with the Wrath of the Reaper novel as well as the Fear the Reaper.

The audio narration of the book is done by Tom Taylorson. He once again gave a top-ranked performance and made this audiobook worth it.

Only a miracle could happen for saving the people of Cain from the joined assault of the exodus fleets of Alon and Sansein.

All of his allies believed that there was a superweapon there that was capable enough to push back their enemies. But he had his share of doubts as well. To make things even worse, there was a new enemy on the scene who was hunting Cain even when everything else was falling apart.

Right from the negated to all of the different urban battles fought in the Yansden City, Cain and his crew must look ahead for the Black Phoenix. It was a lot more than just a weapon. It was probably their only chance left to defend the people of Yansden and as well as the Exodus Fleet.

So, that was the time to go work as the stakes are high and time is running out.

This is a lovely story where both the authors deserve the credit. Not to forget Tom Taylorson for the fantastic performance who will make you believe that you are part of that story.

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