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Hunting for Love

Hunting for love the unbearable romance series is one of the most insightful and heart touching series of stories written by Amelia Wilson that you would never resist listening when you have some time. This is book 2 from this wonderful series where you can find all the emotions, the thoughts, and the feelings when a person whose name is Lucy tries to manipulate the people around here and how she gets into trouble after finding out her weakness and limitations against her brother.

She is not toxic but she is fairly stubborn enough who never wants to change for something good rather she only knows she has to stick to her ideas and manipulate others to match her way.
In this story, the author has clearly and very impressively described how lucy wants everything she is interested in and in which ways she tries to capture or grab each and everything with the help of her grabbing instincts. But she is helpless against her brother who shows an everlasting immunity against her manipulative skills.

Further, she is now intended to hunt thee love of her life. She will be incorporating all that she has to manipulate and get her love for lif. But it is not quite obvious if she would be able to fight back as she knows the love of her life is not easy to achieve.

In turn, you will see if Jon will break her mind to see the imperfections and change for the sake of the good for both and how she is going to approve and adjust according to him.
The whole story is beautifully and impressively narrated by Nicole Blessing who has narrated this UnBearable Romance Series Book 2 to let the people enjoy in a very expressive manner.

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