Kiki’s Delivery Service

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If someone takes Eiko Kadono’s current book as just a comedy story for kids then he is surely doing injustice. The book has so much to offer for the adults too and some feelings make the magical world look more charming to the eye.

The emergence of Kiki just makes us attached to her new developing personality in a new town in which she lands on the night of her thirteenth birthday. She was destined to do that as a witch because after entering her teens she was hoping to make her powers a better use for the general public. The only friend she possesses from an early age is the trusted cat i.e Jiji.

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The black cat has never left her sight since the day she adopted it and the cat possibly serves her. As Kiki enters the village known as Koriko she realizes that her dreams were not that easy to achieve. People of the town did not like her appearance and her magic never got the appreciation she thought it would get.

Thus the new journey begins with Kiki’s powers growing at every step, making her more confused about her role in the new town. Kim Mai Guest narrates the translated version in good quality voice with an accent of her own. The narrator possesses a style that can make words echo in the mind of the listener for weeks. So it is not easy to forget the dialogues and the dramatic twists in the novel. Book overall can be preferred for the kids but still, the feelings of a teenager in it makes it a good one for all ages. Member Benefit

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