Lady Audley’s Secret

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Mary Elizabeth Braddon is a brilliant writer, who has a great sense of emotion in his writing. Her novels are filled with great suspense and thrill, which are essential ingredients to keep the audience involved right till the last chapter of any book.

The author in this Lady Audley’s Secret novel has done something similar and you will find this book as one of your favorites. One more reason for this book to be your favorite is the wonderful narration given by Olivia Poulet, who has truly justified the characters that she has played in the book with full conviction.

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The novel captures super high drama with great mystery to deal with as well. The story is about Lucy Graham, who is a charming and enchanting lady.  Soon she finds herself in trouble when questioned about an Australian returned man, who got disappeared. As the search for the missing person intensifies, the story of Lady Audley also begins to unravel.

She was bound to do every possible thing in order to stop her past to catch her present. In short, the secret of Lady Audley was nothing short of a huge scandal for the audience if Victoria. The startling revelations and the top secrets still continues to shock people who knows about it.

The Christmas Hirelings apart from Lady Audley’s Secret is another poplar book by the English author. The mentioned book is another sensational novel from the author, who produced more than 80 novels


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