Longing for Home

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History has terrible secrets buried inside it and one of those is the reality associated to the Irish immigrants. When the people from Ireland after losing their homes tried to settle in other parts of the world they were not welcomed anywhere. The world was not that much prosperous in the era of 1870 and thus no one wanted a pain on the budget of the state, that was what the immigrants were supposed to be.

Among these many is Katie Macauley the youth of exceptional talent who has come to Hope Springs for settling purpose but the welcome is not very pleasant. In search for help she gets a shelter in the form of Joseph Archer who keeps her in his house as his housekeeper.

Then Katie starts getting fame in the town among her people and finally the restlessness starts appearing on the scene like a war. Sarah M. Eden the author of fine books like The Kiss of a Stranger and Friends and Foes has developed a strong character in the form of Katie. The girl is wise and she has the potential to think and rethink on her decisions, in her love life too she does not show any haste. Katie has two choices in her love life and she almost to the climax is undecided about the two.

This undecided situation is not because of her heart but because of her mind that is thinking about all possible outcomes of her decisions. Cassandra Campbell starts in low tone and then as the havoc starts the volume of narration increases more than twenty percent as compared to that in the starting.

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