Master of the Game

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Whenever Sidney Sheldon described a character it glittered like a gem in the field of literature. Sidney used to pay more attention to his characters before starting the story because the author wanted to make his characters appear life-like for the audience.

No one has ever been able to paint better characters than Sydney in mystery novels. This novel gets garnished by the character of Kate Blackwell who is presented as a dominant being in the novel. Kate is the kind of woman who has all the things which an ordinary human being can only dream of in his lifetime.

This does not mean that the woman is the lucky one rather in reality she has been one clever lady who has outclassed everyone in the game of life. Being beautiful and rich she has been able to manipulate others, especially men present around her all the time.

Her father was the one who established the family and because of the diamonds which he brought from South Africa, the family’s fortune was changed forever. Now Kate holds the prime position in the family and she has started playing the role of her father after his death.

The role is not easy for sure because the family is not ready to obey the orders of a woman. However, Kate knows all the ropes and she is ready to prove that she is the true master of the game. The Other Side of Midnight and Rage of Angels are present for the fans and they can enjoy as much as they like as the stories will just keep on coming for them. Shannon Engemann has shown great skills as the narrator of this novel. Depicting Kate’s character was never easy but it has been done perfectly by Shannon.

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