My Bluegrass Baby

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My Bluegrass baby is 1st chapter of a new contemporary romance novel series. It is written by Molly Harper, who is one of the finest American writers in romantic fiction genre. She has produced many other splendid novels where Peace, Blood and Understanding and Where the Wild Things Bite are the best.

For the narration of My Bluegrass Baby novel, you will be entertained through the emphatic and powerful voice of Amanda Ronconi. Amanda Ronconi has partnered with Molly Harper in a good number of her novels and together they have managed to give some really successful novels. This combination always works for them and this subject novel is no exception.

Sadie Hutchins is in deep love with her job, while working at the Kentucky Tourism Commission. She was in love finding many of the unusual sites and some hidden gems in the tourist attraction areas of her home state.  She became a strong contender for the post of director, when her boss got retired by the end of the year. However, Josh Vaughn jumps into the scenario to challenge her for the post of the director.

Josh is a very much sophisticated polish guy and on the other end Sadie was known to be country comfort. Both of them had very dissimilar ideas related to what would make a good and quality campaign. Therefore, when their boss put them against each other for the race of getting the post of director by contesting, they both were willing to fight. However, they were willing to fight dirty even in order to get that post. Eventually, it turned out in a way that what they both want could actually be each other.

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