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A top investor and businessman who ruled over the White House as well were not like this from the start. There was a time when Trump didn’t have that much success which he enjoys now but one thing he carried throughout his life is the energy to achieve the impossible. The current book by Donald J. Trump tells his followers how he climbed up the ladder one step after another.


The concept of “kicking ass” was always there in his mind as he fears nothing in his mind. Living a lavish life and achieving the best was his aim from the beginning when he started the real estate business. Not only people of America but also fans from all over the world wanted to learn from Trump the tricks to be successful and most of all how to become rich. Trump tells other businessmen to think at least twice before investing in something and once you have invested in something they don’t look back or take it as your mistake.


Try to prove that the decision which you have made is the best among the rest. If you are in your initial career and working under a boss in such a case having a good relationship with the boss is the basic thing. Lastly comes the class of your business which Trump has discussed in Trump: The Art of the Deal and Why We Want You to Be Rich in detail.

A business that a person runs should not be on a second-grade standard because if such a thing happens it will lose all its impression. Try to put your business in the competition with the best in the market and be prepared to face anything in the open market. Barry Bostwick narrates in a tone in which the listeners get the feeling as if Trump himself is addressing everyone.


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