Deeper Than Midnight


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    At a very early age, Corinne lost her parents and she had nowhere to go. Then she was given a new life of leisure by a wealthy family at the age of eighteen. She was very lucky because the family provided her with all kinds of comfort which she used to desire at that time in life. Her life once again takes a twist when she gets abducted by the vampire who is the sign of fear in the land.

    Dragos i.e the vampire was attracted to this young beauty and that’s why he wanted to keep her with him forever. Though Corinne tried to escape from that dreadful place she never succeeded. For years she faced terrible things which she never had imagined. She was robbed of her innocence as well and she thought that only death could save her from that hell.

    Deeper Than Midnight

    Then the warriors of the Order came to the dungeons one day and saved Corinne from that nightmare. The Order was working against Dragos for many years because he was a continuous threat to everyone. Corinne had nothing to do with all that so she decided that she should go home and try to live a normal life once again. One of the warriors named Hunter was given the task to take the girl home.

    Hunter too had a grudge against Dragos and he wanted to take that evil vampire down on his own. For this purpose, he has to break the heart of Corinne whom he has started to like now. The main villain and his motives come out to the surface at the climax like Veil of Midnight and Ashes of Midnight. So till the climax is reached, the story is like a cat and mouse chase. Lara Adrian gives the lovers so time to enjoy until they are put to the final test.

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