Never Knowing

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Never Knowing is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Chevy Stevens. Dark Roads is one of her best novels and so is Those Girls.

The narration of Never Knowing is done by Carrington MacDuffie. She didn’t do well with her performance. She had a nasal voice that sounded as if she had a cold. The regional pronunciations along with that made it an annoying experience for the listeners.

Sara Gallagher all her life wondered that who her birth parents were. She was an adopted child living with two other sisters who were naturally born to her adopted parents. Sara never had an ideal home. She was haunted by her past with the question of that why she was given up by her actual parents for adoption. She finally decided to prepare herself and do the necessary things to find closure. But, as they say, some questions are better be left unanswered.

After doing months of research, she was able to find the whereabouts of her birth mother. But, she met with rejection and horror. Moving on, she was able to find the devastating truth behind it. Her mother was the only victim of a serial killer who was able to escape from him, while he was hunting women every summer in the vicinity. That serial killer operated for several decades. She realized that the thing worse than finding her father is for him to locate her. What if killing people is a thing in your blood?

Never Knowing is not one of the better novels from Chevy Stevens. There were loopholes in the plot and the characters were not believable. Even worse, the poor narration made it a miserable audiobook experience.

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