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Time travelling always attracts the attention of many people especially if it has history attached to it. Diana Gabaldon creates a new thrilling series that shifts back and forth in time and makes us a little dizzy at the start. Once the listener gets hold of the story the rest of the journey is an enjoyable ride in the roller coaster.

Davina Porter has also narrated the story quite beautifully especially the love scenes that are the key elements in this time travelling scenario. The novel also reminds us of other stories like Voyager and The Fiery Cross in which love and time travelling can be seen. The current novel does not show intentional time travelling it’s rather an accidental one that causes the woman to lose her lover forever.

Claire Randall a nurse in the Second World War finally comes home right after the end of the war in 1945 and plans to enjoy her life with her husband once again. Both husband and wife plan for the reunion in a big way as they go out on a trip talking, enjoying and eating their favorite foods on the way.

The whole thing is crushed in just a single moment when after touching a boulder Claire is transported back in time and finds herself in 1743 Scotland. She first thinks that the whole thing is just a dream and she is just having hallucinations.

But then the war begins and she starts seeing dead bodies all around and comes to know that everything around her is for real. Now the question arises that whether she should try to go back or remain with these who can use the help of a trained nurse.





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