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Same series with another girl in hot waters about the relation she cannot give up and keeping it is also not a good idea after all.  Rosie is a tricky girl one cannot understand her in the first glimpse because she has a habit of keeping things to herself most of the time. For example she loves Dean her sister’s ex-boyfriend, she knows that it will damage certain things between her and her sister still the temptation is too strong. Right from the start even when the man was her sister’s possession she thought that he was hers because she had an eye on him for years.

Dean on the other hand knows the emotions of the girl and is ready after a span of eleven years to be with his ex-girlfriend’s sister. He too knows that it would be a hard battle but this time the man is not giving up that easily. With zeal to fight the warrior like spirit emerges in L. J. Shen’s strongest male character ever. There were men in Vicious and Defy but not like this one at all who is trying to prove his worth for the love of his life.


The love between the two is intense but cannot be termed as pure, both of some dirty past stories that the author attaches to the major characters like always.

The author does such things to make the people in the story more real and life like, they are not flawless, and they commit mistakes and even sin but seek redemption which is positive. Christian’s voice has been trending world over as the narrator of this series and Savannah Peachwood is also not a bad one to add as a partner.





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