Polar Vortex

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We have heard many stories about the flights and people disappearing in the North Pole but nothing like this one was ever written before. Matthew Mather is a real master when it comes to the dealing of suspense situations and mystery items.

The opening can be called a humble one because no action or suspense is there, the characters that are introduced too have ordinary background and they are the common people we often meet here and there. Mitch Matthews is the first one that we hear about along with his poor condition in which he struggles in his profession in a big way.

Luckily his wife’s brother offers him a seat to New York and an offer he cannot say no. His wife is not going with him because of the ticket issues and he finally gets some time to spend with his daughter. They hear an argument between two people that they give no importance to and later the flight disappearance causes havoc.

A search on a large scale ends up at nothing as even in the modern world all the countries fail to find the lost flight. No radar signals, no news on the internet and not even a scrap is found even weeks after the accident. Then finally the journal of Matthew tells the reality of the vortex, something an ordinary mind cannot comprehend at all.

Close to CyberStorm the novel once again tells about the supernatural happenings in the world of which we fail to get an answer. The new thing is the father and daughter relationship that is given real detail. Tom Taylorson too shows a detailed commitment to the work and the relationships are well told in an amazing voice.




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