Rise of Empire

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The award winning author, Michael J. Sullivan is back again with his literary mastery and this tie with his auspicious novel, The Rising of Empire. The novel is Part 2 of his famous Riyria Revelations series. Tim Gerard Reynolds just like the prequel is brilliant once again with his narration of the book in a very defining and commanding manner.

You will be getting indulged into the story as soon as your are going to listen to it because its a captivating novel for those who like.

In this part 2 of the Riyria Revelations series by the award winning author, you will be mesmerized with some great and highly astonishing revelations. In the prequel to this book, the story there starts with the finding of a welcome home with lots and lots of fans of magic, daring heroes and clashing swords.

This time in the sequel, Hadrian and Royce are found all set on a quest to recruit the nationalists from Southern areas to help with the resurrection of ever-weakening Melengar kingdom. As per Royce, he suspects that things are not that easy or obvious as they seems. Rather, there is an unseen power manipulating things.

In fact, an ancient wizard is all set and manipulating them. However, things were not ascertain and confirmed. In order to find the truth, Royce needs to decipher the past of Hadrian. This is the past which Hadrian always wanted to keep as a secret.

Professional Integrity (A Riyria Chronicles Tale) and Theft of Swords are a couple of other critically acclaimed novels by the great Michael J. Sullivan. You will find the author complete with a variety of literary skills if you get to read or listen through his other mentioned books.



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