Sarah Booth Delaney

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In these nineteen books of the series the writer Carolyn Haines has created a character that is a woman but she is not lady like as she is suffering from one too many problems at the same time. You may also listen to the collection Sarah Booth Delaney Series 01 – 18 – Carolyn Haines by the author.

Sarah Booth Delaney faces so much problems at the same time that she herself cannot decide which is the biggest problem of her life that she wants to solve first or perhaps she cannot solve any of those problems that’s why she starts solving the problems of other people in Mississippi after becoming a private eye instead of thinking about her own self anymore.

She is the one who is haunted by the ghost of her great grandmother who is always there to taunt her and she is the one who asks Sarah to kidnap the dog of her friend in order to get some ransom that could help her in the budgets.The first case that is assigned to her is of Hamilton’s mother who died many years ago. As Sarah tries to solve these cases she goes deeper into the world of crimes and also indulges more in the paranormal activities as well.

The thirty year old in the form of a private eye finally becomes useful for everyone around like her friends that she helps in murder cases. She even helps the people to solve cases that are based or racism and that could cause a fight between the two sections of society.Kate Forbes has narrated the whole series quite well and has nicely portrayed the character of a girl who is energetic but a little tense all the time because of the issues related to her life.      





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