Seconds to Live

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Although this is the third book of the series we cannot actually call it a series that went in complete continuation. The previous two parts were independent stories of different couples who were fighting their way out of the mess which was created around them.

There were killings and then the development of love which brought a new fragrance to the story. Melinda Leigh first introduced the killings in Say You’re Sorry and Hour of Need after which she brought raw love to the audience. This is the pattern that the fans like as well that’s why all of these books have been successful over the years.

Cris Dukehart is also a successful narrator who has polished the characters of these episodes very well. Mac i.e the main character of this episode never wanted to come back to his hometown because the town had nothing for him except bad memories. When he was told that his father was on his deathbed, he thought that he had to return home for one last time.

He just wanted to see the old man for the last time before he die but Mac wasn’t able to do that. When he reached home his father was already dead so he decided to stay for a while before leaving the place forever. When he was returning to the city he saw the body of a woman that was present on the road.

He tried to save it as a result of which his car collided and he fainted for a while. When he came back to his senses, the dead body was gone and there was no one who was ready to believe him. Detective Stella takes on the case because she had been working on the case of that missing woman for quite a while now. Thus the story of ghost chase and love begins in the third part.

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