The Secret of the Ages: In Seven Volumes Audiobook (Complete)


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    The Secret of the Ages: In Seven Volumes

    The writer Robert Collier very nicely described the different states of the people and their mental conditions as well. How simple everyday situations and our social status can affect our way of thinking towards life. If we are supplied with all the basic ingredients of a happy life by nature we surely feel blessed and everything under the heaven will possess a positive purpose for us. We will enjoy our wealthy status with our family members like a wife and a healthy child to which we can focus all our energies and can devote all our time to. On the other hand, the mirror image or the exact opposite is also portrayed in a very nice and complete manner. They write no doubt paints the ugly face of the scene equally accurate. The one in which we are surrounded by poverty and a life full of diseases and poverty. In such a state the positivity in our mind and soul suddenly vanishes or we can say that it is killed because of the continuous stress from which we cannot run or hide. Such people, no doubt are never provided with any chance with which they can help their life.

    The Secret of the Ages: In Seven Volumes Audiobook (Complete)

    The middle class is also described completely, the one that does not get anything because it is not poor but at the same time does not possess anything because it is not rich. The in-between state is perhaps the toughest one in which most of the people in the world are living. Barry J Peterson has used his skillful voice to describe both the conditions nicely i.e the relax and the stressed one. The ending is quite brilliant when the writer comes to the point that opportunity is more important for the progress and prosperity of the human race we with the ray of hope can change our fate in no time. For more stories from Robert Collier, you may also listen to The Robert Collier Letter Book and  Riches Within Your Reach!.            

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