Shattered Legions

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Thank God the man who can alone tackle the series in narration is back, Jonathan Keeble should be at this point appointed as the official narrator for the series. With not much stuff dealing with the female characters a man’s voice is ample to deal all the war related stuff.

Dan Abnett, John French, Gav Thorpe, Chris Wraight and David Annandale are back as a team to create another war sensation. Whenever the band unites it creates a masterpiece and takes the story to another level and this one also talks about revenge and the story does not lead us to the Emperor and his throne.

Iron Hands have not forgotten about its loss and payback is a must for them without returning the same injuries to the rival the group cannot just sit still. Shadrak Meduson gathers most of the scattered troops and the rest of the hard hit soldiers that have been wandering in space for a long time also rally around him.

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One primary goal is set i.e eradicate traitors not from just one planet but from the entire galaxy. Raven Guards and Salamanders have suffered at the hands of Horus and they want to avenge their loss in blood. Again like the previous books written by this team Horus Rising and Gaunt’s Ghosts: Necropolis the book has short stories with the same theme.

Such parts of the series also provide the listener an opportunity to guess that which of the author is actually the best of the lot. Till now if we compare all of the previous books none could be considered better than the other, all of these awesome names in the author’s section have given their best performance. Member Benefit

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