Super Apex

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The survival of the fittest and the rule of the might is what the world is all about. Ike Hamill in the story presents the human race a bit short in power and also in the technique of hunting of capturing its prey. Humans who have always thought that they are the Apex predator on the land finally meet their nightmare the one who is Super Apex, the one who’s hunting techniques and the power to attack is far more superior than the man has ever imagined since the beginning of time.

Man has always been successful in taming the creatures of land according to his own will and suddenly out of nowhere this monster appears who is not ready to be tamed instead he enjoys slaughtering the humans according to its own will and desire and this predator has no weakness like emotions and sentiments, neither does he feel pity on its prey rather it is a source of enjoyment for it. The story is though not unique the way it is described is quite fascinating and also it can terrorize you at moments when you hear about the planned killing of an innocent human being who is torn to pieces without any reason but for sheer enjoyment and the purpose extermination of the human race.

The techniques of killing are just awesome and horrifying at the same time. Awesome in the way that they are all unique and horrifying because it describes the killing of a person and not a beast that is left free in the wild. The description of the scenes and the scenery around is excellently written with superb words selection. More interesting stories like Shadow of the Fox: Shadow of the Fox, Book 1 – Julie Kagawa and Firehurler: Twinborn Chronicles, Book 1 – J. S. Morin may also be good to listen to after this one.



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