The Bitterroots

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C.J. Box as an author of The Bitterroots has done a brilliant job. Investigator, suspect, killer and the crime scene is the main formula of a crime story, but C.J. Box with his exceptional creativity makes it so special and rewarding for the audience. On top of that, the beautiful and soulful voice of Christina Delaine as the narrator of this book serves as icing on the cake.

The audio book covers the story of Cassie Dewell, an ex-police officer, who post retirement is looking to open her very own investigation firm. She is very guilty about the fact that she haven’t seen her son for a long time and gets excessively exhausted by night time on surveillance.

Cassie has been doing quite well in managing the firm, until one day, when one of her old friend asks for a favor. Her friend asked to support in exonerating a man, who is accused of assaulting a fine young girl, who belonged to a very influential family.

Cassie agrees to support, but the twisted family loyalty was known for running deep as much as the ties to the land. As Cassie gets more and more involved to find the truth, she had to fight simultaneously against her past, which was actually threatening a lot in order to pull her back under. A lot has been blurred between the lines. Get this audio book in order to get close to the reality of this amazing story.

C.J. Box is just magnificent with his timing and characters portrayal. If you are looking for his other masterpieces then do not miss out on Back of Beyond and Open Season books, which have a huge fan following, just as the subject book, the Bitterroots.




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