The Carolinas Docksteder Tales, Book 1 Audiobook

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The Carolinas Docksteder Tales

Docksteder tales start a little strange in style as the story does not appear to be very gripping at the start but in the later stages the listener or the reader develop some interest in the characters and also the plot of the story which is absent at the beginning of the series or perhaps it is not that clear. Paul Buchanan has created a story out of almost nothing, Docksteder a writer who has achieved the heights which he has once dreamed of in his writing profession, his stories have been used in Hollywood films as well. Still, Docksteder in order to soothe his mind always travels from North Carolina to South Carolina where the owner of the coffee shop where Docksteder stays a while asks for help in some writing work and accepts Docksteder his mentor. This relationship moves in several strange ways in which both men perhaps never themselves expected. There are several strange or odd things as well which we notice like a vicious security dog, personalities charged up with sex and violence as well which is never apparent at the start or the characters never hint toward violence at all and the violence never brings an action which is another unique aspect of the story. The characters are more appealing than the story itself as each of the characters has their own thoughts about life, their own agendas, and motives which they have to achieve by any means necessary. The narration of such a story was quite a technical job because the tone has to be changed with the change in character; this is done nicely by Mark Bramhall and makes the story more attractive.

People who have liked this story also have liked the other stories that are Grant and Facts and Fears which are equally interesting and worth listening.


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