The Crown of Gilded Bones

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The Crown of Gilded Bones is the third chapter of the Blood and Ash novel series. It is a romance fantasy story which is authored by Jennifer L. Armentrout. She had made a good name for herself in the romantic fantasy genre and special thanks to novels like The Two War of Two Queens and White Hot Kiss.

The narration of The Crown of Gilded Bones is done by Stina Nielsen. She seems to have a perfect voice for playing such romance novels in audio. She remained unchanged since the start of this Blood and Ash series and she has given every reason for herself to be the unanimous choice for the narration of all books in the series.

Poppy never thought that she would ever discover the kind of love which she had with Prince Casteel. All she wanted was to revel in her happiness. But, it was important for them to free his brother first and then also find hers. It was a daunting mission ahead for them and it would lead to far-reaching consequences as well, which neither of them could have ever imagined. Poppy was the best, most blessed, and chosen ruler of Atlantia. She was from the bloodline of King of Gods. The kingdom and crown by right were hers.

But things changed when the blood-drenched secrets about the dark sins of the kingdom were revealed. That was the time when the long-forgotten power rose to pose a serious risk to the kingdom and its people.

This book lacked action and was once again dominated by too much of sex scenes and lesser stories. The inner monologue of Poppy was boring. Even the great audio performance of Stina couldn’t save this audiobook.

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