The House Next Door

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Even the title of this book shows how close and relatable this fictional story could be with most of the people today. It is not just one, but part of a 3 in 1 storybook. The House Next Door (with Susan Dilallo) narrates the story of a married woman Laura Sherman with 3 kids.

She had a series of adventures with her new neighbor who invited her in for a few errands, which lead to a long lunch. The suspicious character of the new neighbor goes through the different twist and turns to make her completely shocked.

The next part of the book is The Killer’s Wife (with Max DiLallo), a story of 4 missing girls. The plot of the story is controlled by detective McGrath who tries every inch to get up close and personal with the suspect’s wife in order to find the missing girls.

Finally, the third story of the book is titled as We. Are. Not. Alone (with Tim Arnold) talks about the first message coming out of space. It tells about the significance and magnitude of this achievement that could probably change the entire world and how it perceives things that exist in nature, but are yet to be discovered.

This also leads to the discovery and existence of the alien life with its undeniable proof. The story has a disgraced scientist from the Air Force, Robert Barnett, who had the privilege and honor of finding that message. This possession made him the prime target of a very desperate and manhunt on a countrywide scale. This hangs the future of the earth in total balance.

The author James Patterson inspired by a few other books such as The 19th Christmas and the Invisible. Both the books are equally good and a must-read for all its twist and turns with his typical expertise in getting the best out of the characters.

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