The Jetsetters

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The Jetsetters By: Amanda Eyre Ward

Tour to Amanda Eyre Ward’s dimension of literature is a joy of a lifetime whether the listener is among the old fans or a new beginner. Family reunion is what the story begins with presenting people who are going to Europe and they haven’t met each other for years. Now this journey gives them time and space to be with one another and spend some leisurely time.

Charlotte is an old lady but with energetic and enthusiastic views about life, she takes part in an essay writing competition and provides an essay loaded with sexy material for the youth. That competition win allow her and her family to spend ten days on the luxurious cruise. The family is excited about the journey but meeting each other has complications. Lee the famous actress and Cord the rich man are looking for a perfect match but fail to find the perfect partner in each other. As the family spends sometime together the old secrets start revealing themselves and the past memories start coming back to them.

This pattern is much like The Same Sky and Close Your Eyes but the issues and the situation is new. The novel does not remain very lively toward the middle as one hopes after hearing about the cruise in the beginning but Therese Plummer’s voice takes care of all this.

Most of the time it appears that the family has gathered to discuss the old family issues and quarrels and then a wave of romance lets us forget those tense moments. Secrets unfold not dramatically but verbal discussions bring them out to light and they are not resolved all of a sudden which brings the story close to reality.

The Jetsetters The Jetsetters

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