The King of Plagues

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The King of Plagues continues with the epic journey of Joe Ledger novel series, with this being the 3rd part of the series. Jonathan Maberry is as good as the prequels in beautifully connecting the dots between the different parts and excelling with even better pace in thrill and suspense for the listeners. The narration once again is done effortlessly with a soulful tone by Ray Porter.

It was 0911 hours on Saturday, when a strong blast rocked a hospital in London. As a results, thousands of people were feared dead or injured. Exactly at 1009 hours, there was Joe Ledger on the crime scene to investigate the blast and how actually it happened. The horror and misery of the crime scene was unlike any such thing that he has ever seen all his life. After witnessing all the rage, misery and grief of the people effected due to London hospital blast, Joe Ledger decided to rejoin the Department of Military Sciences.

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It was then just a matter of hours when he was fiercely attached by a group of assassins, who were on a suicide mission during the Ebola outbreak in a viral hot zone. In no time, Joe Ledger along with the Department of Military Sciences was all set to initiate the investigation of crime and to find the powerful secret behind this attempt. The attack had a hidden mission behind this, which was to destabilize the global economy and make huge profits from the chaos.

Deep Silence and Rage: A Joe Ledger and Rogue Team International Novel are great pieces of literary work by Jonathan Maberry, which will give you a great treat, especially when considering the profound narration of these novels as well.




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