The Mailman Audiobook

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He title is unique but the story is strange if you see it at the first glance, as it really starts when we hear about the death or the suicide of the mailman in the town. The suicide raises several questions in our mind like was it really a suicide or a murder, if it was a suicide what were the circumstances behind it that led the mailman to such a limit. The post of a mailman is quite crucial as he is the one who knows each and everyone in town because he delivers the posts to their doorstep. The fear in the story arises with the appointment of the new mailman who is a strange sort of man the one who enjoys spreading fear in the neighborhood. Bentley Little has created a drama out of a simple mailman. The new mailman of the town spreads fear and also exploits the weaknesses of the others without any personal motive. The story is different but the theme is a bit weak as these days mailman is not that important job.

Also, people do not take such posts seriously as they are more attracted toward the social media. Still the story is wonderfully described by the writer and also it is narrated well by David Stifle who keeps the mailman alive in our mind though we do not see one these days in our developed cities because of the modern means of communications. The sinister nature of the new mailman also makes us think that perhaps he has some link with the killing of the previous mailman also the new mailman represents hundreds of psycho maniacs who are present in the American society these days who tease people just for the fun.
There are many characters in our lives and we may experience different personality aspects when we have to deal with them every day. For more such books you can add The Handyman, Walking Alone and The Store on your list as well.











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