The Prayer Box

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Another beautifully composed and written novel that is written by Lisa Wingate. Lisa has many other impressive books under her belt and you can surely expect perfect stories in this novel as well. This is book one in the series Carolina Chronicles.

The overall story and character touch hearts in a way that you cannot resist it until the end of the novel. The story has a beautiful and impressive narration voice provided by Xe Sands.

Both, the storyline and the voice of the narrator make sure you will not be able to resist it till the end of the story. Just like in the book Tending Roses we saw Kater and her grandmother,this is also about a young and an old woman.

You will see how life changes and over the life span and how it is different from other’s perception of life.

Here, Lola Poole passes away. She was a person who was ninety-one years old. Now Tandi ahs to clean out all her house which is surely not an easy task to do so.

But when she starts cleaning up things, she finds something unexpected. No one knows how Lola has lived her life. But all her life she has been doing something we could never expect.

As the young woman finds 81 boxes which are actually prayer boxes. They are all carefully decorated and each one is dedicated for each year of her life.

These boxes will reveal the life of the passed away woman. She has created boxes since her childhood and early years of life. All the boxes include the wonderful life she has lived.

When Tando reads them, her life seems to change. All the hopes, the wishes, fears, doubts and everything a woman has in her mind will let her explore herself.

She will read through these life stories and will learn a lot through the final lessons she could never have learned otherwise.




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