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The Running Man Stephen King

Another story written by Stephen King as Bachman and comes with an introduction by Stephen King on the crucial importance of being Bachman is a scary journey of a person who wants to treat his daughter illness by winning the jackpot in a reality TV show.

The story is plotted keeping in view the era of 2025 when the dark America has come to the point that people are willing to give up their lives for the jackpot and all they need is to win that opportunity. Richard Ben is compelled to enter the game named the Running man’ in which the man would be running for his life, and for the money that waits at the end as a reward.

The Running Man

He has to go through the journey as the hunters are on their way to kill him and let him not get the cash reward. The story also depicts the whole world inclined to see him win this reward. The story is written beautifully as it creates suspense, thrill and all the gripping feeling of a man who has no choice but to win this game for the most precious relationships that are of his daughter.

The running man has been plotted using the similar theme as Stephen has written the long walk, the roadwork, and Christine by creating a continuously developing and thrilling plot to keep your brain running at a high speed.

Perfectly written by Stephen King and narrated by Kevin, the story makes sure not to let you bored till the end.


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