The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon


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    The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

    STEPHEN Knows how people can get indulged into the Love stories and fantasies that are created in most of the stories. But writing in his own personal style, the loves stories become even more compelling, more emotionally laden and more interesting when he mixes the feelings of love with emptiness and terror while the loved one is away and the person has nothing but a chance to get connected to things which are not sure to be there.
    This dilemma and terror that surrounds the girl in the dark forest makes you feel like you are also there experiencing with her.

    This is a story of a nine-year-old girl who gets lost in the forest after losing contact with her family members. Cold and dark, she has no one to be with and in such a situation her only hope is her love Tom Gordon about the home she can listen on the radio she has and soon she starts developing her imaginary friend and love as if he is with her and she is not alone.

    The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Her feelings of love, attachment and how she struggles with all those fears while she is alone in the forest make you feel thrilled and terrified as the story goes on the terrifying track. So, it is all about the girl who loved the player named Tom Gordon and how she spent the terrifying days and nights in the forest with only her imaginary friend.
    You will feel empathy, you will sympathize and you will even try to figure out the mystery she has got with her and all these feeling will keep you going while listening to the story. The story develops the same way as you see the development of mystery and fantasy in the novel  Sleeping Beauties and Thinner.

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