The Spy and the Traitor

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An original story with details you don’t always find in the history books, the cold war era was full of such spy adventures. Spies from both sides, America and Russia were always on their toes because it was on their skills their nations depended. Oleg Gordievsky the son of the former best agents of the land was raised on the land where communism was on the rise and most have no option rather than to join the notion.

The real job starts when he was appointed in Britain for the first time to work undercover for his native land. Though it was his first mission but still the department had firm belief on him because of which and seems to be fully focused to prove his talent. Ben Macintyre portrays a man who is real and fictional at the same time.

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The attitude is raw but the missions are so extraordinary that an ordinary man cannot pull a job like this. The role of a double agent puts his life on the line all the time. Still Oleg continues supporting the west from within and the Russian could never guess that from what source the secrets are leaking. The Americans continue to have the upper hand because of men like Oleg in the department.

The dramatic escapes of the agent are just awesome and if someone likes such incidents than he must read A Spy Among Friends and Agent Zigzag along with this books to enjoy the sensation. John Lee use high tone and first he tries to use a little Russian accent but later goes on with his original style which was the right option for him. Member Benefit

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